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Micro bikini contest

Female form photography One of the meanings of the word “micro” is an extremely short dress, skirt or any other similar sort of a garment. There are four so-called lengths, including maxi, midi, mini and micro. It goes without saying that the last one is the most economical and flirtatious and the sexiest of all.

In terms of bikinis and swimwear, a micro actually is a two-piece item that barely covers the parts that it is designed to hide. Or, a micro is a piece of clothes – yes – intended for accentuating the lines and curves of the adventuresses, providing access to new sensations as you put on a micro bikini for a sunbathe or a photo shoot.

There is numerous beauty contests organized around the world. The United States has its own specialty – a micro bikini contest. It is a competition held online and there is a special web site dedicated to the theme. It contains several pages of bikini-clad or stripped-to-micros girls posing to win. The visitors are encouraged to give their votes to the one, who in their opinion is the most attractive and luring. The votes are summed up each week and the girl of the month receives up to $50 in cash.

To vote for the beauty that appeals to you most, you should enter your name, e-mail address and the number of the model. You are also welcome to leave a comment on the bikini that put a sparkle in your eye. Actually, you are to choose a bikini, not a girl, but as they go one piece, it is hard to separate them really.

The web site also has postcards and calendars on offer and you can go shopping there too. It provides information about the bikinis and about the models participating. The smallest bikini bottom is 2 inches at the widest point on the front and it is not for the faint of heart.

The range of micros comprises such varieties as sees-through, mini thongs, G-string, V-string and Jewel G-string, 1 PC bikinis (Slingshot, Criss Cross), tinys (tiny thongs and box tops), clear strings and the ones that are embroidered with Swarovski crystals.

Micros are the bikinis that the most courageous or challenging teenage girls are happy to go for, as the girls want to shock and rock, while more mature women would choose something from a less revealing line. Or if the latter venture to put on a micro, they would probably settle for a slingshot variety that makes it one piece and a more sophisticated choice as far as we can talk about sophistication when it comes to micro bikinis.

While skipping through or perusing the micro-bikini sites, you can run into something that you would like to try on or buy. It is a nice possibility of a change, and the line of figure suits can satisfy different tastes, both of men and women: bikinis, posing suits, accessories and clear shoes. You might order a piece and enjoy your look in the mirror. Maybe the next step you take is a picture of yourself to enter the contest and hit the jackpot.

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